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Shakira Bell

Abstract Coastal Boho #2

Abstract Coastal Boho #2

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These are bringing me Coastal Boho Vibes ❤️ 
Very soft colour palette 😍😍

This lovely big abstract painting has been created purely from my heart n soul 🥰 every stroke is a part of me and I love it so much.. I hope you will love it too 🥰🌞
Features lovely soft pinks, blues, white, mustard and lots of other gorgeous colours throughout softened over the top are layers upon layers of lovely white paint!! The aim of these are to have a very calming effect on your eyes and makes you look closely at all the little pops of colours popping through. 
Size approximately 40cm in diameter 
Depth approximately.. 2cms

Ready to hang wire!!

Lovely layers of acrylic paint and it’s definitely got a textured look and feel to it..
Sealed with a UV resistance varnish..

Please be aware that certain screens and monitors may alter the colours you see, but I have done my very best to capture the true colours..

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